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Global Commodity Collaboration Hub

Arikae created the Global Commodity Collaboration Hub (GCCH) to link small-scale farmers, cooperatives and producers directly to our network of international buyers.

Our Global Development Agents’ (GDAs) operates within the GCCH. They are strategically based throughout Africa, Latin American and the Caribbean developing partnerships and sourcing new products for our buyers. They [GDAs] bring their extensive in-country knowledge and relationships working with farmers, producers and buyers to help secure solid business contracts, while helping our local farming communities grow and attain sustainable development impact.

This win, win approach helps our international buyers meet their corporate social responsibility to purchase from local farming communities. Local farmers and cooperatives benefit by being in direct contact with buyers thereby negotiating better prices for their product.

To-date, the GCCH has facilitated the sale of edible nuts and dried fruits from our farming cooperatives and producers throughout Africa and the Caribbean. The GCCH continues to develop and expand access for new farming communities of organic products, moringa and palm oil.

We look forward to collaborating with new partners.

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We strive to deliver exceptional service and results every time! We collaborate with small and medium enterprises (SMEs), entrepreneurs, and development partners to identify finance and deploy cutting-edge technologies, and services that are relevant and suitable for local markets.


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