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Education Collaboration

At Arikae we’ve found gems as precious teaching with learning stones right within our global indigenous communities. Our teaching and learning experts have studied these patterns and successful methods for more than 30 years and have developed resiliency models designed to enable any group or individual to retain and pass down knowledge regardless of changes in landscape or the society.

Sample Professional Learning Offerings

01Social Media and Technology Boot Camp
- Designing programs of literacy, numeracy and science within open environmental spaces. Participants are shown tangible ways to learn core subjects by making connections through knowledge of their Culture, Arts, Music and Drama
- Training Community Elders, Administrators, Teachers and Students how to maximize knowledge of old and new technology tools by working with our Social Media Collaboration Hubs

02Design Theory and Design Thinking
- Building up agility by applying Human Centered Design Theory and Design Thinking to educate local population ways to manage public and private sectors in their community
- Educating participants to make connections between traditional methods of production with new methods incorporating innovation and technology to produce goods and services that balances imports with exports

03Workforce and Enterprise Development
- Developing local Enterprise Development Centers. These spaces are designed with indoor and outdoor workstations. Participants learn basic skills, interpersonal communication, Human Design Thinking and technology skills to prepare them for various jobs
- Expanding services include the Entrepreneurship Development Center that facilitates Mentorship, Internships, and Apprenticeship to increase job readiness among youth, veterans, disabled persons and the long term unemployed. They learn ways to develop their own business or services and increase jobs opportunities in their community

Annita Stephen
Chief Global Education Strategist

Annita Stephen has over 29 years’ experience as a teacher, professor, college administrator and workforce development trainer. She has prepared teacher education majors for K-12 certification, developed college to work programs for disabled persons, veterans and cultural minorities. Her specialty is in helping disadvantage youth, adults and indigenous populations expand their use of technology and social innovations. She has written about the teaching and learning styles of marginalized groups and developed resource tools to help them succeed in traditional institutions. Ms. Stephen collaborated on one of the first Trans-Atlantic education project between the University of Pittsburgh and an International technical school in the Netherland. The outcome enabled teachers to design programs to supplement elementary school curriculums with technology tools as practice aids. As a college administrator she has hired, trained and coached professors, instructors and student support personnel in an efforts to retain and successfully graduate students.

Kevin Simpson

Kevin Simpson has taught and consulted in parochial, public, charter, and inter- national schools located in Washington, D.C., Michigan, Maryland, Virginia, Laos, Qatar, Lebanon, Thailand, and Dubai. Simpson specializes in school development, school improvement, and professional development.

Carol Crawford

Dr. Carol Crawford Shelton is a triple alumnus of Howard University. She began her career in the District of Columbia and Prince George's County Public Schools as an elementary school teacher. With Edison Schools, Inc. she was a lead teacher, the Manager of Teacher Recruitment for the East Coast, Texas, and Ohio before becoming a startup Project Manager where she successfully opened 21 schools in Dallas, Atlanta, Chester, New York, Delaware, and Las Vegas, and afterwards focused on increasing student achievement as an Assistant Principal in both Washington, DC and Maryland. She is currently the Chief Academic Officer and Co-Founder of STARRS Academy in Howard County Maryland.

Gary Scotland

Gary Scotland has a wealth of international and domestic USA experience with years living and traveling to emerging and developed markets around the world. As an international development consultant and Knowledge and Collaboration specialist, Mr. Scotland worked on behalf of international and domestic USA organizations such as the World Bank, UNICEF, Fannie Mae, Coca-Cola and IBM. As a consultant at the World Bank (Human Development/Science and Technology) he managed the implementation of science and technology educational projects in Africa. At IBM (Knowledge and Collaboration) he consulted with clients in both the private and public sectors on how best to incorporate and use social media Web 2.0 Technologies in their organization to better communicate and deliver services to clients internally and externally. He was also assigned to the U.S. State Department/USAID to delivery training to U.S. Foreign Service Officers around the world on Programming U.S. Foreign Assistance.

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