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Social Media Bootcamp

Arikae gets it when it comes to incorporating social media tools and WiFi technology into education. Our public sector Knowledge & Collaboration division provides education consulting services to school districts around the world. Our social media collaborators assist K-12 school administrators on how best to incorporate social media tools and techniques and WiFi technology into teachers’ curriculums and administrative functions.

We offer a signature Bootcamp program that provides a full-day, hands-on training and exercise for teachers and administrators on how to use social media tools such as Blogs, Wikis, Facebook, YouTube and Personal Learning Networks (PLN’s) in the classroom and to communicate with colleagues.

Benefits of Our Social Media Bootcamps:

  • Collaborate using Social Media Tools: The goal is to demonstrate how social media tools can be incorporated into the teaching curriculum to encourage a new type of collaboration between teachers, students, administrators and parents that goes beyond the traditional classroom walls.
  • Videos, Skype and Livestreams: The goal is to demonstrate how social media tools such as Livestation, Podcast, TubeChop, YouTube and multimedia tools can be used to deliver an alternative type of interactive learning for students and teachers. Teachers will learn how to integrate images, videos, text and voice into the classroom for collaborating with students virtually and in the classroom on group projects.
  • Discussions on the advantages and disadvantages of integrating social media tools into classroom curriculums: Its potential impact on student learning and current school policies on using social media tools on campus and in the classrooms.
  • Enhance Learning using Blogs, Wiki, Micoblogging, Facebook etc.: The goal is to demonstrate how these social media tools can be used in the classroom to develop and enhance students writing and communication skills. Participants learn how students can utilize these tools to collaborate in class, on homework, and on cross-boundaries projects with their teachers, classmates and students from around the world. We will also show how students, teachers, and parents can work together to set up blogs and wikis.

Arikae WiFi partner (Citywide WiFi International) provides wireless broadband internet access to schools and communities in emerging markets at a discounted rate. This partnership has strengthened our public sector division and service offerings, giving us the ability to connect schools with WiFi internet access, thereby enabling students, teachers, and administrators anywhere on campus to access the internet.

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We strive to deliver exceptional service and results every time! We collaborate with small and medium enterprises (SMEs), entrepreneurs, and development partners to identify finance and deploy cutting-edge technologies, and services that are relevant and suitable for local markets.


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